Create a timeline.

Make solid location plans a few days before the event. Add in extra buffer time into your day to ensure smooth sailing. I would recommend creating a tentative plan in advance and solidifying your plans once there is a clear weather forecast available. Weather is subject to change even within a few hours! I wouldn't worry even if there's up to 80% chance of rain.

Get your details together.

Message your florist to include several extra flowers and greenery on the side. The flowers and greenery will be used to spice up the details in the morning! Also, don’t forget to pack a box with grooms details and brides details. Some details include an invitation card, invitation envelope, stamp, ribbons, shoes, veil, flowers, rings, perfume, jewelry, watch, belt, tie, etc.

Good lighting matters.

I highly recommend booking a hotel and venue that lets in a lot of light or at least emit white light over yellow/orange or blue light. Natural lighting is the best way to go! An ideal location would have a lot of natural light and open space. I would recommend booking a studio for your portraits, especially if it's winter! Best light for indoors starts about an hour after sunrise!

Good skin tones matter.

It is important that your make-up matches your natural skin tone. I would make sure your make-up artist is only using natural light or a ring LED light that emits white light while applying your make-up. You don't want your face to look yellow or pale compared to the rest of your skin.

Cover up your mans!

Have someone apply foundation/concealer to your groom if there are any blemishes on his face. Not just any random one but make sure it at least matches his skin tone. Trust me on this one!

How long will pictures take?

I’ll need about 45 min of preparation time with the boys and 60 min with the girls. This means I should arrive about 30mins before make-up and hair is ready! Set aside about 1-1.5 hours to take pictures with your bridal party and portraits with your significant other, preferably during the best lighting. The best light is during the last two hours before sunset or mid-day if it’s overcast.

Excuse me sir.

Kindly tell your officiant to step aside during the first kiss before the ceremony. Then remind them again because they will most likely forget!

Dress for Less.

When you're shopping for the perfect dress, it is very important that you're able to move in it freely! You should be able to walk without an issue and larger dresses can make it more difficult. Also, please make sure your ceremony and reception aisle is able to fit your dress and the person that is walking down with you!

Plus, watch out for dresses and veils that cast blue/purple colors. It's best to stick with a warm dress color like ivory when it comes to pictures!

Add Markers.

If you care at all about symmetry then you'll need to listen to this advice! Mark the floors with tape for the bride, groom, and bridal party to be centered to the arch and for the guests! For example, the groomsmen tend to get really close to the groom and the bridesmaids are far from the bride. Adding markers on the ceremony floors solves that problem!

Think Lighting.

If you have a venue with an outdoor undercover reception you want to be facing towards the light source not away from it! It's very tempting to orient your sweetheart table for the guests to be looking out at the view but this is bad lighting for pictures and people tend to walk behind you. Ideally, your back would be facing a wall and you'd be looking out towards the view!

Assigned Seating.

If you're planning to have assigned seating, please keep in mind to place the media team close by the sweetheart table. It doesn't have to be directly in front but the front corner would be ideal! Most of the action happens at the front of the sweetheart table and it would make it easy for us if we didn't have to rush from the back of the reception room! Also, don't forget your vendor's need to eat too. Please give at least 30min before reception activities begin!

Make your day unique to you.

I encourage you to make your event the most unique to you. You will cherish these memories the most because it was unlike anything else. If there is a sentimental item, bring it! I could add it to the details and even incorporate it to your portraits. It can be a guitar, longboard, t-shirt, food, flamethrower, shoes, etc. Make this day about you.

Clean up your space.

In the morning, clean up your getting ready space or have your friends and family do it for you! During the reception, move your dirty plates and bottles off your table. It'll make the pictures come out more cleaner that way!

Alternative send off ideas.

Sparkler send-off only looks good long after sunset. If you’re planning on ending your wedding before sunset, send-off ideas are limitless. Alternatives are bubbles, rose pedals, paper airplanes, lavender toss, balloons, floating lanterns, eucalyptus leaves, etc.

If you're looking into having a sparkler send off, please make sure to buy the correct sparklers. You want a long wand that emits yellow/orange sparks and doesn't smoke when ignited.

Trust your vendors.

You can send me your inspiration and Pinterest board, for example "I want a shot of my dress flowing as I run away" or "I want to try out this pose". Enter these details into the questionnaire I send out and I'd love to capture it for you!

I want the best for you. When you ask for my advice, I want the best outcome because I strive to do quality work. If you trust me, I don't have to convince you!

Let's talk.

The best way to reach me is to give me a call. After receiving your questionnaire, I might schedule a call if I may need more clarification about any of your responses. Or you can give me a call a few days before the event date to discuss the day in more detail. If you have one simple question, then shoot me a text.

Enjoy your day!

It's very easy to be caught up in the little moments but if you just focus on your loved ones, I promise you will have the best pictures! My job is to capture your love, in the good times and bad times. I've seen it all and there hasn't been any problem that couldn't be solved because the people that love you the most are there to help. It's best to focus on these relationships and soak in all the beautiful memories! I'll make sure to remind you of that!